Health and Education for all

One of the major areas of focus of TFGTI has been education. We wish to ensure that each child is enrolled in a nearby school and those who have dropped out are assisted to continue their education and those who have not been going to school are prepared and assisted in admission in a school. Apart from this, Adult Education to men and women and Employment related trainings are provided. To carry out these activities, we have various projects running in various parts of India. The details can be found in our project titled as a) Nai Roshni, b) Nai Umang and Haqq project.   

TFG Trust has been focusing on SDG Goals and among them is the work on community health and hygiene. TFG Trust has been carrying this activity for over two decades. Chief among them have been Child Survival program for Pregnant and lactating mothers, Reproductive health care for young adult girls, Immunization of children and mothers, Menstrual health care for women and girls COVID Care and Post COVID care. Our tailoring centers produce masks and sanitary pads for girls who have reached puberty. We distribute this at cost price and that is very low. Public awareness is also raised on these issues and seminars and community teachings are done too. We also focus on hygiene and sanitation matters.

Our organization also carries out health camps, health talk and regular medical check up of children then their mothers. Details of our engagement can be found in our project activities enlisted under: a) Nai Roshni, b) Nari Maryada, c) Hifazat and d) Redeemed.