Clean Water and Wash

Water is one of the basic needs for every human being. But India is facing the worst water crisis in its history. Nearly 600 million people are affected each year. The acute shortage of water for daily needs of masses has prompted our organisations to take stringent measures to combat the problem. “SAFE WATER AND SAVE WATER” Program aims at raising up of drinking water storage cum distribution centres and capacity-building training for its maintenance across dry and arid regions of various states in India.

The objectives of such programs are to provide fresh drinking water to families and communities that are without water on a regular and daily basis by construction of storage and distribution facility for the communities. This is best done by digging bore wells so that people will have round the clock availability of fresh water. This will also reduce water borne diseases as well as anaemia in women, children and adults among other. 

This project will also be actively involved in raising awareness about water conservation, rain harvesting and preservation of water resources and how to increase the water usage efficiency by installing new water gathering stations and improving their supply.

In recent past the Trust has been able to carry out the following;

a.       Instal two 2000 litre tanks with Water purifiers in two places in Kathmandu, Nepal,

b.      Install five numbers of 2000 litre tanks with Water purifiers at Titlagarh, Kalahandi, Orissa, Dooars in Jalpaiguri, W. Bengal and two in Delhi slums

c.       Supply six hundreds of Water containers in slums of Mumbai

d.      Dug nearly 50 bore-wells as well as hand pumps with submersible pumps in Madhya Pradesh,Varanasi, Orissa, Jharkhand and Bengal

While installing hand pumps, TFGTI equips, trains and empowers the local community to maintain these on their own and for their future use