TFG Trust of India began in 1992, but got registered in 1995. The story of change is seen at two levels – in the community and at the organization itself that has been moving forward leaps and bounds.

Time Lines

1992 – Children and Adult education programme started

1993 –  Health camp and Free Medical check up in Delhi slums

1994 – Training programmes started for women in tailoring at Munshiram Deri Slum, Delhi

1995 – TFG Trust of India Registered as a Trust

1996 – First 5 year Strategic plan formulated

1997 – Adult Literacy programme started in Delhi slums

1998 – Free health camp started in Delhi Slums

1999 – Tailoring class started in Delhi Slums

2000 – Self Help Groups started in Delhi

2001 – Disaster Response during Gujarat Earthquake

2002 – Women Empowerment Programme started

            – Relief work carried out during Flood in Orissa

2003 – Children Education and holistic development programme started

2004 – Disaster Response and Relief work carried out during Tsunami

2005- Disaster Response during Kashmir Earthquake

  • Phoolwari Project started in Delhi

2006 – HIV/AIDS awareness programme started

  • Phoolwari Project started in Aligarh

2006 – Flood relief work at Kendrapada, Orissa

2007 –  Relief work carried out during Bihar Flood

2008 – Flood relief work at Bihar, and Orissa

2009 – Training through mass media started

  • PEP project started for women empowerment and SHG

2010 – Care for HIV/AID infected and affected children started

  • Child Survival Project Started in Delhi

2011 – Relief work carried out during Orissa Floods

  • Child Survival Project Started in Aligarh

2012 – Save Women, Save Delhi project started

2013 – Restructuring of the organisation done

2014 – Relief work carried out during Kashmir Floods

2015 – Capacity building through Leadership Development

2016 – Computer class and tailoring training started in Delhi

2017 – Relief work carried out during Fire in Mumbai Slums

2018 – Project Nari Maryada started at New Delhi

2019 – Hand pump installation work initiated in Orissa and Jharkhand and MP

2020 – COVID 19 CARE,

-Relief work carried out during Disaster Fani

– Relief work carried out during Disaster Amphan – Orissa

  • East India office of TFG Trust started functioning
  • Project Hifazat started at Jamshedpur
  • Project Redeemed (Human Trafficking)  started at Jalpaiguri Tea Gardens in West Bengal


  • Relief work carried out during Disaster Yass – at Bengal and Orissa
  • Project Haqq started at Aligarh
  • Project Nai Umang started at Patna, Bihar
  • Project Redeemed (Human Trafficking)  extended at Simdega, Jharkhand