Nari Maryada

(Project aiming at restoration of Dignity of Women and ensuring their safety):

This project has been launched by the Full Gospel Trust to empower and educate the girls and women living in the rural villages and urban cities including slums of various metropolis. This project aims at instilling in the hearts and minds of women and girl children, self-confidence and a sense of safety and freedom where they experience no physical, mental or sexual abuse whether be it at home or outside and live a life without fear and with the confidence that they possess for the good of their families and the communities in which they live. To this end the project educates, equips and enables them to protect themselves and also prepare themselves to be partakers in the process of decision making at their own families and also contribute to the family income by joining SHG groups and learning IG skills and starting petty businesses through linkages with banks and micro finance schemes. These ensures good health and education of the children of these women. Project Goals of Nari Maryada includes creation of awareness about the civil and legal rights of women and girls in Delhi slums, protection of women from domestic violence, rape, and other atrocities unleashed on them, to form Basti Mahila Suraksha Samitis (Committees for the protection of women in the community) for ensuring sanitation, good health, improved employability as well as greater and lasting safety and security of women. The women volunteers of BMSS own responsibilities on their own and act like watch dogs for their fellow women and girls in the vicinity. to ensure that each girl above 10 years of age knows how to protect herself and handle a situation where her safety is challenged. Through education and awareness ensure that men and young boys develop a sense of responsibility towards the opposite sex in their role as a father, brother and a good neighbour., to network with other NGOs and government departments and work towards the sustainability of the project. The resulting effect can be gauged by the reduction in cases of wife battering and other forms of abuse and incest and cases of rapes and molestation in the communities and the improved quality life of people living in the slums and villages of Delhi and elsewhere.