Fight Human Trafficking

TFG Trust has been engaged in creating awareness amongst women, young girls  and members of public on the danger and evil consequence of Human Trafficking. Human Trafficking abounds in and around the tea gardens in the Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling districts of north Bengal as well as in the tribal belt of Simdega in Jharkhand. Our organization is engaged in educating people on how to safe guard their young and adult girls and boys. This is done through public meetings, display of IEC materials, house to house awareness and street plays. We also engage religious leaders to educate their congregations about the ills of such trafficking. The result of our intervention has been very encouraging and we are able to note the result.

Our future plan is to expand our awareness scheme and cover more areas in partnership with other NGOs and the government schemes in these states in India. We also look forward to rescue and rehabilitate the victims in the days to come. More details of our intervention can be found in the details of The Redeemed Project.