(A project aiming at Care, protection and empowerment of women and children)

Hifazat project is initiated in the state of Jharkhand in India with the aim to serve and take care of the deprived section of our society, chiefly comprising of children and women who are deprived of their right to health, education and other rights. The focus of the project is on the children and their families living in the urban and rural areas of the state of Jharkhand in India. The four-stage holistic development programme for children (with special focus on girl children) include growth in their education, health, social and moral life issues, so that each child become a responsible adult citizen of India. The project works towards restoration of rights of women and their economic empowerment so as to bring their families above poverty line through education and economic empowerment such as the SHGs and micro credit programs as well as ensuring their safety and protection from domestic abuse, rape, incest and murder. The project equips women with the skill of generating additional income for their families by joining various income generation programmes such as mushroom and honey growing, tailoring and making of spices and other products such as candle, phenyl, washing powder etc. Apart from the above, the project also ensures safety and security of women and girl children with the help of police, lawyers and other authorities in the state.