Nai Roshni Project

The Project Nai Roshni (New Ray of light) was initiated on 27th September, 2020 and during the Covid times. When our team noticed a number of children living in the 4 slums of Delhi, suffering from various disabilities like Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Hearing, speaking and visual disability as well as motorcade cases. However later on we brought our entire education program for children under this banner This project at present caters to the following programs;

1. SPECIAL  EDUCATION CLASSES FOR THE DIFFERENTLY ABLED ;  This project has children from Delhi slums and those with various learning disabilities and physical disabilities.  They face problems in studies, communication or behavior. We assist these children with their ability to read, write, count numbers or apprehending gestures and information. We also ensure that all of them have their disability certificates and  living allowances that the government is giving to all such children.  We also provide therapeutical intervention for all who have CP or Autism etc.,        

2. Fighting Hunger and Malnourishment among children and women;- The aggressively fights against hunger and malnourishment among children and pregnant mothers in these slums. BMI of children is monitored for each child in the program (including the ones with special needs). They are provided with nutritious meal each day and their parents are taught about its importance and how they must prepare such meals at home for their wards. Children belonging to the project are taught etiquette, manners and given mouth wash, body wash, hair done and if needed a shower so that they learn and get used to hygienic living standards. Apart from these we are focusing on health, immunization and nutrition of 100 pregnant and lactating mothers. We have feeding program for them and during such time we educate them on importance of health, hygiene and nutritional level in each woman throughout their pregnancy and beyond.        

3. Total literacy and employability for all children in Delhi slums :  This project works to ensure that all the slum dwellers are educated, be they adults or children and that they are employable. A special attention is paid to girl children.

(a) Special Tutorial classes are held for academic weak children on a daily basis where they are assisted with their school assignments and also in the subjects they feel weak. This boosts their confidence and they are able to achieve good results in their respective classes.

(b) Classes for School drop outs are conducted in our Centre and every attempt is to made to readmit these dropout children in the regular school and ensure that they complete their schooling, and

(c) Adult education classes for those who have never gone to school but are of age now. These classes are held at the locations of the learners and they are made functionally literate and know the 3Rs of Education i.e., Read, write and recite. 

(d) Computer Training: Children are taught how to operate computer and learn various programs that generally boosts their capacity and makes them more advanced in their scholastic achievements and employability

(e) Training in Tailoring and embroidery skills: Adolescent Girls and women from the communities are trained in the skill of tailoring and embroidery and are awarded a certificate which enables them to start businesses from their homes and also save a lot of money by stitching clothes of their own family members.

(f) Training in Beauty Parlor management:  Adolescent Girls and women from the communities are also trained in the skill of running beauty parlor businesses by learning the skill. On completion of their training, they are awarded a certificate which enables them to start businesses from their homes and also increases their chances of being employed at various parlors.

The staff of the project visit the slums on regular basis to develop rapport and motivate these families to join our education and health programs and other matters including their economic welfare and safety.  This Nai Roshni Project wishes to expand its sphere of influence to other slums of Delhi in order to change the living conditions of slum dwellers.