Haqq (Right)

The project Haqq is specially designed to address the needs of the Banjara community (the migrating community) in Uttar Pradesh state of India and especially in the four districts of Hathras, Aligarh, Mathura and Agra  . The Banjara community children are less literate but the community has various hands-on skills. So, the project is working towards educating the unschooled an the drop out children of the community. It is forming Self Help Groups in all these four districts and creating bank linkages for the community to start some business where they master the skill. The community finds market for the same. These members of the community are assisted to fight back their rights for a dignified and respectable living for themselves and their families. The project seeks to expand its base to other Banjara communities in this state and outside whereby each family will enjoy a dignified life in the country and their migration will be restricted and stopped.