In December 2019, COVID-19 was first identified in Wuhan, China, as a respiratory tract infection causing symptoms, such as fever, chills, dry cough, fatigue, and shortness of breath. The first case of COVID-19 in India was reported on 30 January 2020 in Kerala. On 14 March, India reported its first two COVID-19 related deaths. What began at a slow pace, took the whole country in its grip. Soon this turned into a pandemic as had been other parts of the world. As a populous country the suffering of Indians were very high as the pandemic spread like a wild fire.

In a situation such as this, TFG Trust decided to come to the rescue of as many they can. They started distributing dry ration for one month to each family without wasting time and after obtaining permission from the state governments to distribute the supplies.  

Before we started distribution in kind, we carried out awareness programmes in all these places by distributing sanitizers, masks, soaps and lots of pamphlets and posters about the Pandemic.

TFG Trust, during the Pandemic, last year, has served 2,09,476 cooked meals and delivered 68,936 essential grocery kits (or one month’s dry ration for a family of 5 adults). This was done in the various states of India namely – Haryana, Delhi, U.P, Punjab, Kashmir, Orissa, Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Jharkhand and MP.

The Full Gospel Trust of India’s sister concern received an appeal by the NITI AYOG, Government of India (The apex body for the Charities in India) to assist the government at the time of crisis. As we did that, the Ayog appreciated our work and gave a commendation letter after a passage of time.

We have also fed the fleeing and migrating population at various points in North India, they cooked food and supplied to the hungry and needy at their door step. They also fed thousands of families from 7 North Indian states in India for one whole month in August, 2020.

These engagements of our Trust have brought relief to many thousands of families and all its members.

The second wave or COVID spread rapidly and took the entire country in its grip. On 25 March, 2021 India announced that a new variant of the coronavirus had been detected from samples collected from different states. It is the worst ever and has taken the entire country in its grip 2.5 Crore had been infected and nearly 2.75 lakh deaths.

Responding to this great challenge, TFGI has once again started distributing a) Dry ration of one month to thousands of families, b) Provided medical kits to check the spread and contain the infection, c) Provided financial assistance to cash help to people in need of medical care in hospitals and at homes. D) Provided financial assistance many families including those that lost one or more members of their families, D) Provided small business funds to hundreds of families, E) Provided hands on training to many women so that they can earn and support their families during this tough times, F) Provided financial support to carry out the last rites of those who were deceased, G). It is also giving financial assistance to assist at least 5000 families with tools to fight the after affects of the pandemic through taking up small businesses in various states of India.    The work is still being carried out and will last a long time.