Child Development

Children are the future of any nation. We therefore pay a lot of attention to Children and their holistic growth. Our main focus is on the education and health and career guidance of children in our target areas.

We ensure that no children in our target area stay unschooled or remain a dropout. We chiefly focus on girl children. In order to achieve our goal, we carry out preparatory classes for children who do not go to school or are getting ready to go to a school. We visit houses and identify such children and bring them to our center and prepare them for school enrollment. We contact with the local schools and enroll children there after fulfilling all the requirements.

We also guide children about their careers and invite experts to guide them from their early school days.

We also care for children with special needs and like those affected by CP, Autism and other forms of disability. We have special classes for them.

In addition to the above, we provide mid day meals for children to ensure they are not malnourished. We measure their height and weight and monitor progress. Apart from these, various nutritional camps are organized to sensitize the community about nutrition and mal nourishment related issues. Thousands of children benefited out of it and did not go to bed empty stomach. We need to work more in this field. All these activities are carried out in our project entitled Nai Roshni and Hifazat.