Our Policies



Staff Code of Conduct

TFGT India is committed towards the welfare of the underprivileged and poorer sections of the
society, therefore it is naturally expected that all members working in any capacity within the
trust display Christ like behavior.

Discharge your duties faithfully, complete your tasks and submit reports without needing any

Always be punctual and honest even regarding break time.

Anti-Corruption Policy
As the name suggests this policy is in place to ensure there is no misuse of power or position of
an individual or group for their unwarranted benefit.

Any form of bribery, blackmail, favoritism/nepotism, partiality or embezzlement/swindle is
defined as bribery in TFG India. Requesting or accepting gifts or services can also be defined as

All employees working with TFG trust are responsible to make sure that all their coworkers are
up to speed on TFG trusts anti-corruption policies and practice it in their work. This means that
all employees are expected to draw attention to suspected form of corruption and report it as per
TFG’s established guidelines.

TFG’s Leadership team is responsible for seeing that there is an annual follow-up of the
compliance within the policy.

Whistle blowing
This simply refers to the disclosure internally or externally by employees of malpractice, as well
as illegal acts or omissions at work.

Designated officer/officers have been appointed by the TFG Trust for the employees to report
such activities to. The officer is trained on how to handle the situation with care and will take
such matters to the senior most people in the organization which will initiate an investigation in
the matter if necessary.

Data Protection Policy
The Full Gospel Trust of India as a charity collects and uses certain types of information to
function as a charity working towards the welfare of society.

We collect different types of date like personal data – race or ethnic group, various affiliations or
memberships, physical and mental health, sexual orientation, genetic and biometric data etc.

To ensure the protection of data TFG trust of India has laid down data protection principles and
we take reasonable steps to ensure that trustees, consultants and third party advisers will only
have access to personal data where it is necessary for them to carry out their duties. All such
persons will be made aware of TFG trusts data protection policies. The charity will makes sure
that all personal data is held securely and not accessible to unauthorized personnel.

Procurement Policy
Procurement (the process of purchasing goods or services for the organization) shall be made
using one of these four processes: small purchase, competitive sealed bids (lowest responsive
responsible bidder – public notice is issued inviting offerors to submit bids by a specified date),
competitive negotiations, and noncompetitive negotiations. Any TFGTI employee who
knowingly and deliberately violates the provisions of this code will be open to civil suit by
TFGTI without legal protection of TFGTI.

Fixed Assets Policy
To carry out its activities, TFGTI needs material resources like stationary, tables, chairs, shelves,
computers, vehicles and related accessories.

The management of material resources is the responsibility of the head, finance and the
administrative section.

Asset inventory is the physical monitoring of the items belonging to a project. It’s usually done
once a year by the finance division.

Child Protection Policy
TFGTI is committed to protecting the rights of children in accordance to the UNCRC and the
laws of India. This policy is applicable to all staff, volunteers, sponsors, donors, visitors, board
members and parents coming in direct or indirect contact with the children in the project.
No person will act in ways that will bring shame, humiliate or perpetrate any form of verbal,
emotional, sexual or physical abuse on a child.

Regulating Sexual Harassment At The Workplace TFGTI is fully committed to fostering a safe and healthy work environment for all. Its goal is to protect its employees from unwarranted and inappropriate sexual behavior.
This policy applies to all employees, beneficiaries, volunteers and any third parties involved with
this organization.

This policy provides employees with information they’d need to file a complaint.
Encourage victims and witnesses to be vocal because reporting incidents is our duty and it’s
beneficial for the entire company. Inform victims and witnesses that it’s wrong to ignore bad
All responsible officials are trained to address allegations of sexual harassment appropriately
with discretion if needed.

Following procedure, knowing your rights is your responsibility and is essential to ensure swift
Knowing all the policies and understanding them is part of an employee’s duty. We are expected
to follow and respect the policies without constant reminders to maintain the highest standard of
work at TFGTI.