Gender Equality and Women Empowerment

One more area of our focus has been women and issues connected with them pertaining to their economic empowerment, Gender sensitivity, Self Help Groups, Micro Credit program and Adult Education.  We ensure their physical safety from domestic abuse, rape and teasing by raising women volunteers from community to be vigilant and active in these matters. We also train girls in safety drill under the Delhi and Jharkhand Police team, as well as through legal education and intervention. We empower them financially and enroll them in SHG and connect them with Microcredit programs and teach them numerous skills for added income in family so that they come above the poverty line To carry out these activities, we have various projects running in various parts of India. The details can be found in our project titled as a) Nai Roshin, b) Nari Maryada and c) Haqq project.